Jul 262013

Flowers on footIt was a hot, lazy day in Kintyre, and I’d bashed my foot carrying a chair down the garden.

I sat on the rug, the top of my foot throbbing, and was joined by Alfie, our two year old grandson. Normally I’d have gone into the house to put my foot under the cold tap and apply some Arnica cream, but it was too nice to go inside, and the trip would have entailed standing to supervise Alfie up and down the front steps, which can take a while.

Alfie gave my foot a gentle pat.

What else to do?

I looked around, and was attracted to the flowers close by; self heal, dandelion and manuka. I picked them and put them on my foot, and to my surprise it instantly stopped throbbing. Meanwhile, Alfie wanted flowers on his “sore knee”, which was very soon “better”.

When I took the flowers off my foot, the throbbing returned, so we returned them for a while. Somewhat surprised, I removed and replaced the flowers a few times, to check out their effect, until after a few minutes the throbbing had ceased.

The next day my foot had developed a couple of scabs, but no swelling, discomfort or my usual dramatic bruising.

While my ‘flowers approach’ was intuitive at the time, on reflection it was likely  inspired by three things:

  1. My first kinesiologist, who told me 20 years ago that anything can heal anything, and that she had started out her practice with just a pot of Vitamin C.
  2. In young Alfie’s presence, a childlike sense of curiosity, simplicity and exploration/
  3. My long standing attraction to the flower Self Heal – now my logo – also known as Heal All.

What helped my foot heal so quickly? Probably a mix of the above, the energy of the flowers and a good dose of  intention and ‘mind over matter’!

What are you inspired to use for your healing?

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