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Straightforward as the Law of Attraction sounds, you may struggle to attract the good health you seek.

A subtle change in perception, a spiritual practice or  a change in the wording of your health intention may help.

The basic steps for attracting good health, as popularised in the film ‘The Secret’, are:

  1. Set a specific intention for the health you seek, described in the present as if it has already happened, and avoiding any negatives. Eg: I can esaily read this print. My body feels relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Energise your intention by feeling the positive feelings of having achieved it.
  3. Release any doubts which emerge.
  4. Leave the universe to address the details.
  5. Follow up your hunches to take action.

So why do we difficult to attract good health? Assuming you have formulated your intention well, I’ve found three ways to charge up my atracting power.

3 ways to amp up your power

See which of the following resonate for you, and give it a go.

Know that what you seek already exists

I used to think that once I had set my intention, and charged it up by feeling the joy and relief of it being achieved, it was just a question of leaving the universe to sort out how to make it happen. And that’s where the doubts would often creep in; “How can the universe possibly make my sore head go away?”

Then I came across the idea that every reality we can think of already exists. So it’s more a question of pulling in an existing reality of my head feeling at ease, than the universe having to figure out a way to ease my sore head.

This might seem like splitting hairs, however for me this subtle shift in my thinking made it much easier to stay with my intention, rather than be deflected into the abyss of doubt.

Enter the field of all possibilities

Attracting the reality you seek is more powerful when approached from a place of stillness, or what Deepak Chopra calls ‘the field of all possibilities’.

Simply use the most effective method you know to reach a quiet place. It could be meditation, listening to music, a walk in the countryside, or simply a couple of slow deep breaths.

When you’re in the field of all possibilities you’ll probably disconnect from thinking about your intention, so I suggest you say your intention immediately before or after being in the field.

Incorporate ‘I don’t know how’

One of the main stumbling blocks to manifesting good health is the doubts which creep in after you have said your intention. Your mind starts trying to figure out how the change can take place, old beliefs and conditioning kick in, and before long you’re back in the old thought groove which probably attracted your health issue in the first place.

In her book ‘The One Command’ Asara Lovejoy relates how she had reached rock bottom in her life, and was in danger of losing her house. She spontaneously used the phrase ‘I don’t know how …’ at the start of her intention, and her life soon turned around.

Here’s the wording Asara recommends:

I don’t know how  <<insert your intention here eg I easily feel my head at ease>>, I only know I do now, and I am fulfilled.

Saying ‘I don’t know how I easily see the print clearly, I only know do I now, and I am fulfilled’ helps my eyes focus on print which had become difficult for me to read.

‘I don’t know how’ is a powerful shortcut to stop all doubts in their tracks. It stops all that negative mind chatter from getting started Try it out for yourself!

The Delicious Nugget: Using the Law of Attraction to manifest good health can be a challenge. Recognising that your good health already exists, entering the field of all possibilities, and incorporating ‘I don’t know’ into your intention will amp up your manifesting power.

How do these tips work for you?  Do you have others to share?

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