Dec 222011

Do you have a niggly feeling that’s bothering you?

Instead of pushing it away which may eventually affect your health, try surfing along with it until it dissolves.

Just as the wave that the surfer rides eventually dissolves, so will your feeling. All you need to do is be with the feeling, allow it to build to its peak, and then dissolve away of its own accord. The good thing is that, usually, when you allow yourself to experience the anger, fear, pain or sorrow it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as you anticipated!

I suggest you start with a small niggly feeling, rather than your biggest fear!

You can work with the simple guidelines above, or, if you prefer to be guided, listen to my recording below.

As a bonus, this recording is also imbued with the (as yet unnamed) frequencies of the spheres – they will activate the highest healing frequency that’s appropriate for you right now. More on that soon…

To listen, turn on your speakers, press the arrow, sit back and relax!

5 mins

To Download right/option click, and Save.

Do share what happens to that niggling feeling…

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  6 Responses to “A Delicious Moment Of Surfing A Niggly Feeling”

  1. I just had to tell you, May, what happened after I listened to your sound track. Since the death of my late husband this summer, I had a hard time finding a small niggling feeling as you suggested, but I focused on one large unclear feeling anyway. This seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with what happened next, but of course, it must.
    I’ve been attending a monthly poetry writing/reading group. For January, the theme didn’t inspire me at all; in fact nothing did, so I was ready to attend empty handed to just listen. As soon as your audio was finished, I wrote this poem:


    Touching a sore spot hurts, it’s said, to show
    how pain from others’ prodding words is only
    our perception,
    some places hurt while other do not
    depending on where your deepest heart hides.
    Could you draw a mental map of all your places
    not so much to show the world but yourself
    just where you reside in comfort or in pain?
    They follow us forever, these injured places,
    though there must be a way to shift them to
    a sheltered spot out of the rough and tumble,
    until we’ve had more time, fates willing,
    perhaps through music from deep within,
    to gentle them to sleep so we might safely navigate our way through what’s left of our time in peace.

    Thank you May. I’m bowled over.
    Best, Celeste

    • And thank you, Celeste, for sharing your beautiful poem!! Such an evocative exploration, andf a surprise and pleasure to find it here.

      I hope your poetic juices continue to flow – I’m sensing the energy of the ‘spheres’ imbued in the recording may have something to do with triggering them …

      Joyfully, May

  2. Hi May, Thank you for your empowering comment. Yes, what else is possible? I guess by acknowledging the energy in the feeling with a fitting description and allowing it access conciousness and could it move on? I certainly saw the storm move away from me and I felt totally at peace after that. Yes, what else is possible? How much better can it get than that?

    • For me, it’s sill a mystery how healing works as it involves things beyond our current comprehension; the important thing is it does!

  3. I feel like painting a big storm with plenty of of big waves and thunder, hail and a howling wind. That’s how i feel and like to express it. As bars access conciousness sais; to whom does this feeling belong to? How much better can it get than this? Right wrong, good and bad, poc and pod all 9 shorts boys and beyonds.
    Wow, I feel the storm has shifted some what away from me. Away :)? This is an interesting point of view that I have this point of view.

    • Hi Anton, sounds as if you’re blending ‘surfing the feelling’ the feeling with Access tools to excellent effect! What else is possible?

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