Nov 082013

Finger hold for tryingTrying too hard, or pretending to be someone other than yourself, can disturb your heart energy and lead to a range of health issues.

Here’s a way to tame that feeling of trying, or pretending, and improve your health.

Simply use the thumb and fingers of one hand to gently hold the little finger of your other hand. This balances, clears and harmonises your heart and small intestine energies. With your heart balanced you’ll be more receptive to your intuition and wisdom.

As with the other Jin Shin Jyutsu finger holds: either hand can do the holding; hold until you feel relief; and repeat as needed. You can’t overdo finger holds, and they are easy to do in many situations without anyone noticing!

Other disturbances that can benefit from the little finger hold include:

  • rapid pulse
  • palpitations
  • feeling nervous
  • feeling insecure
  • feeling confused
  • mental fatigue
  • back ache

To prevent your heart and small intestine energies from becoming unbalanced, Alice Burmeister, in The Touch Of Healing, advises that from a Jin Shin Jyutsu perspective we need to:

  • avoid judgingassumes we know a situation in its totality, which is impossible
  • avoid comparing or competingevery person and situation is unique and therefore cannot be compared
  • avoid labellingto label is to limit

These types of thinking all emerge from being insecure in ourselves – from pretending to be other than who we really are. So a natural consequence of this finger hold is to boost your self-esteem. And, besides helping your heart, think how much mental energy avoiding that lot will free up!

Try holding your little finger to help you become true to yourself, and experience the cascade of health benefits that brings.

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