Jun 242009

Blank CanvasIf your energy is flowing the wrong way, it’s moving backwards while you’re trying to move forwards! No wonder it’s difficult to heal.

Fortunately there’s an easy way to ensure your energy flows the right way.

Use your finger tips, or loosely curled fists, to tap or rub your K27 points. They are located slightly below the notch at the inner end of your collarbone, as shown in the photo.

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Jun 112009

lettuce-in-waterDon’t throw out your tired greens – all they need is a drink! Submerge your lettuce, rocket or other leaves in a bowl of cold water, forget about them for a few hours, then be ready for a surprise!

This also works for whole brocolli, cabbage, celery, lettuce etc. For best results first trim off the dried end of the stump, so the water can get in.


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Feb 262009

squeezing-spongeWhen you’re exercising and find yourself getting out of breath, try transferring your focus from your in-breath to your out-breath. Simply place your attention on breathing out as deeply as you can, and, like a squeezed-out sponge, your lungs will automatically fill up again with a deep breath.

This helped me keep my breathing controlled when I used to jog, and later when I pushed our pram up a very steep hill every day!

Jan 282009

SplashCold water boosts your circulation, releases toxins and gives you a glorious sense of well-being! I’m not as brave as my mother who took a cold bath every morning for sixty odd years. So, I have my usual warm shower, then turn it to cold, and stay under a few seconds longer each day. Try it, you’ll step out feeling rejuvenated!

Caution: not recommended if you have a heart problem.

Dec 182008

I was brought up to dab a little honey on an infected cut; invariably the infection disappeared and the cut healed quickly. Later my mother used it to clear up a leg ulcer.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Smear some honey over the cut or wound
  2. Cover with a bandage or plaster
  3. Clean and replace daily as needed.

If you have a serious or persistent infection, please seek medical help.

Nov 192008

If you’ve over-used your muscles – as I sometimes do, by digging out our compost heap, or climbing a mountain – there’s an easy way to avoid feeling sore the next day.

Run a bath – hot, but not too hot so the oil remains active. Before you get in, add 3-4 drops of marjoram oil. Relax in your bath for 10-15 minutes, enjoying the aroma. As all my family know, it works like a dream – your muscles will be fine in the morning!