Sep 092009

ginger-tea1Ginger has a multitude of healing properties, including: alleviating motion and morning sickness, aiding digestion, acting as a decongestant and also as a diuretic. (It also has a warming effect, so best avoided if you’re feeling hot or have high blood pressure.)

Cut thin slices of fresh ginger root. Add boiling water and a slice of lemon. Allow to infuse until it reaches the strength you like. Sip and savour!

I first tasted this tea with an Italian fig biscuit in the tranquility of the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge! To comment, click Continue reading »

Aug 262009

wild-plumsWild fruits usually have a more intense flavour than their cultivated counterparts, much more yummy!

They are less likely to be contaminated with pesticides. And, freshly picked, you get the full benefit of all their nutrition. Here are the wild plums I picked from the woods near our house. I’ll soon be on the lookout for blackberries, elderberries and rose hips.

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Aug 062009


I was wary of adding beet stalks and leaves to my smoothies, thinking they would make it bitter. Not so, it came out a beautiful pink colour and delicious!

Blend: 1 peeled orange, 1 inch slice fresh pineapple, 1 banana, 1 apple, handful of beet tops (stalks and leaves). Add some water if you prefer a drinkable smoothie. Vary the ingredients to match what you have available.

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Jun 112009

lettuce-in-waterDon’t throw out your tired greens – all they need is a drink! Submerge your lettuce, rocket or other leaves in a bowl of cold water, forget about them for a few hours, then be ready for a surprise!

This also works for whole brocolli, cabbage, celery, lettuce etc. For best results first trim off the dried end of the stump, so the water can get in.


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May 142009

half-avocadoAvocado stones (pits) are extremely high in insoluble fibre, which binds to excess cholesterol, and there is more anti-oxidant in the stone than the rest of the avocado!

The avocado stone is surprisingly soft – simply cut through the whole avocado, and the knife goes through the stone. Safer than trying to cut a slippery stone.

I’ve tried the stone grated in salad – it’s OK if you like a bitter taste. The best way is to add half an avocado stone to your green smoothie.

Thanks to Victoria Bounteko of The Raw Family for this tip.